Tuesday, December 05, 2006

J.D. Drew Gets Righteously Overpaid

The Boston Red Sox, looking to imitate the Yankees in every single way possible, have signed perennial club house cancer, and underachiever JD Drew to a 5 year, 70 million dollar deal.

J.D. Drew, whose one consistent statistic is that he strikes out once per every 4 at bats? J.D. Drew, who had more errors than assists last year, in Right Field? Good luck, Boston, maybe you'll magically get the J.D. Drew of 2004. And maybe you'll get the Manny Ramirez of 2003, and the David Ortiz of 2006, and they'll hit for average and power! And you will win every single game 20-15.

Or maybe, just maybe, you should be thinking about your starting pitching a tetch more.


LButler36 said...

Tentative Red Sox rotation: Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Paplebon, Wakefield. starters have been thought about - thats a pretty good 5 man right there. its the bullpen thats empty

Big Blue Monkey said...

First of all, Lbutler36, I just posted--how did you get here so quick? That's frightening.

Secondly, the holes in that Starting Rotation are rather obvious. Schilling's effectiveness has been on the downward slope for the last couple of years. He's not a 20 game winner. I bet he'll maybe win 15, and that will be because of the offense. Wakefield? Christ, more of the same, there. Paplebon and Matsuzaka are both basically Rookie Starting Pitchers. They have both been effective in their roles, but can they play 6-7 innings of MLB? The only proven starter is Beckett. That isn't a starting rotation to get excited about, and you are right, with Papelbon no longer the Closer That is Spoken of in the Book of Revelations, the BoSox Bullpen is really, really sketchy.

Badcock said...

I don't really know or care about your "baseball," I just wanted to say hi.

And I hope Red Sox fans enjoy another 183 years of sadness.

Nice bandwagon, bitches.

LButler36 said...

what can i say? im a fan of the site - find me 3 starting rotations in the majors which you would rather have than the sox

LButler36 said...

Theres not alot of other options for starting pitchers out there that could improve the sox that much. schmidt is signed, zito is still out there for a price, carpenter could be had, and the Pads won't trade Peavy for manny. SO short of handing out a ton more money for zito, or signing carpenter, there isnt anything the sox can do to improve on a already solid rotation