Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baseball Suffers From Temporary Sanity

According to the AP, the Rangers have acted sanely to some holes in their line-up. Which is completely unbefitting the off-season deal making that has pervaded the winter meetings. Don't they know Ted Lilly is worth $10 million a year, for four years?

By that logic, a potentially healthy Eric Gagne has to be worth at least $15 million/year, for many, many years.

But the Rangers decided to say "No thanks" to that logic, and instead offered the once unhittable closer just $6 Million dollars. (Remember when that kind of money would make you into a super cool cyborg? I do.) In defiance of the times, they gave Gagne an incentive laden contract that could be worth $11 million, IF HE PERFORMS. That's crazy-talk, Texas. Why, Ted Lilly is worth that much, even when he fails to hit any worthwhile benchmark.

Some folks may be willing to make fun of the Rangers for offering a one-year deal to Kenny Lofton, also worth around $6 million, but then again, the guy did hit over .300 and stole over 30 bases last year, so that sounds like a bargain to me.

Boo, Rangers, for crafting deals that sound positively sane, in the midst of owners of small markets complaining that they never had a chance at overrated players like Alfonso Soriano. We'll just see who goes deeper in the playoffs--the Rangers or the Cubs!


Badcock said...

I just want to point out that the 6 million dollar man's rating of "Great" (with 38.7%) of the vote is among these options: Good, Perfect, Superb, Other. I think that is totally bogus. Shame on you for skewering perception, TV Land.


Jerious Norwood said...

Perhaps you might've noticed that baseball just agreed to a new labour agreement and TV contract. Teams have a shit load of money, thats why they're spending it. Who the fuck cares if Ted Lilly is "worth" ten million a year? This is like criticizing Bill Gates for buying a hundred thousand dollar car. Just cause we're poor and bitter, doesn't mean that the billionaires give a fuck.

L said...

I don't think I would call $6 mil guaranteed for a guy who has pitched in just 15 innings the last two seasons, but has had 2 elbow surgeries and back surgery in the same period of time (not to mention Tommy John surgery in 97)