Thursday, April 12, 2007

WVU Ain't all Thugs, Really.

Well, as Miwacar pointed out, Pacman Jones and Chris Henry went to the same college--West Virginia University.

And hey, that school has gotten some bad press already, like hiring Thug-For-Life Bobby Huggins to run their soon-to-be-called "Once-Respectable" college basketball program.

But goddamn it, I've been to Morgantown a couple of times. It's a lovely place, and I once made out with a stripper there. So I say, let's talk about the positives of West Virginia University. Not all of their graduates are dirty basketball coaches and thuggish embarassments to the NFL (seriously, though, embarassing the NFL is hard to do, fellas).

I say, let's celebrate some classier WVU alums, shall we?

Kevin Pittsnogle--It wasn't that long ago, you fickle dicks, that you were loving this guy. You gotta love that guy, for complaining that people think of West Virginia as being a bunch of hicks, and then having the most stereotypical White trashy wedding ever.

Don Knotts--Hey, only part of TV legends for like decades and decades. Be it reruns of the Andy Griffith Show, or reruns of Three's Company, or TBS' showings of Pleasantville, Don Knotts will be on TV long after the rest of humanity had died out.

Chris Sarandon, aka Prince Humperdink from The Princess Bride, and a guy who slept with Susan Sarandon for awhile. Good on him, I say.

Athletes!--Sam Huff, Jerry West, Jerry Porter, Daryll Talley, James Jett, etc.

Astronaut Jon McBride and JonBenet Ramsey's Mom.

So you see, umm, WVU is more than scandal and sports. It's also a couple of actors.


Proinsias Cassidy said...

John Kruk is a famous fat person from West Virginia.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

"...and I once made out with a stripper there." may want to get checked out after that one. And it may have been a dude; but if it wasn't, it was definitely someone's mother. The next attractive stripper in WV will be the first attractive stripper.

Until then, the hills are full of couch burning hicks and nasty, diseased strippers. And now felons. F WVU.

Hail to Pitt.

Johnny said...

Let's not forget Joyce DeWitt, Jesico White, Alex Hawkins, Soupy Sales, Dennis Harah, Jennifer Garner, and of course Daniel Johnston!