Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ramon Ortiz is better than Johan Santana!

For one series.

Clearly, this won't last long, but during the Twins sweep of the O's, Johan Santana was the worst starting pitcher stat-wise for the Twins.

There's no way anyone should expect that Rich Anderson is such a big Jesus of Pitching that Ramon's line from tonight will be repeated anytime soon, but still it was nice:

7 innings pitched, 1 one walk, 4 K, 5 hits and only 2 Earned runs. That's wonderful, even against a young and sure-to-strugglin' Orioles team (when I say young, I don't mean you, Miguel Tejada & Melvin Mora!)

In Tuesday night's game, Boof "Call me Boof" Bonser was also good, aside from one shaky inning:

6 innings pitched, 3 walks, 6 Ks, 3 hits (including a homer) and again, only 2 Earned runs.

So, we are left with Johan, who on opening day had an OK day

6 IP, 2 walks, 6 K, 7 hits (!), and 4 four runs, for an ERA of 6.0. This will probably be the last time this year that Santana is the third worst pitcher on the team.

And, hey, good for Yahoo for starting to track Holds--that's a key stat for middle relievers that has gone mostly ignored for way too long. It will go to show how dominant the Twins relievers are.

Silva and Ponson up next. By May, one of these two suckers is giving up a locker for Matt Garza.

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