Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some Old Lady Runs a Lot More Than You Do

To be fair, she's run more than most folks.

To quote the Minnesota Public Radio Article about her:

Minneapolis, Minn. — Rosie Swale Pope has been running around the world for three and a half years to raise cancer awareness. So far, she's worn out 38 pairs of running shoes.

She's covered 21,000 miles and still has 4,000 to go.

Pope, who is 60, tries to cover 15 to 20 miles a day. She started in her native Wales, and has since run through Europe, central Asia, Siberia, and down through Alaska and Canada.

It's an absolutely lovely story--Rosie lost her husband to prostate cancer, and has basically been running ever since. What's great is that she sounds just like you'd expect a 60 year old Welsh woman to sound like. You can hear Tom Crann's interview with her (that's his picture, too) here.

And yeah, she's dressed appropriately for Minnesota in early April. Which makes me sad.

I can't recommend that interview enough. She's a very charming 60 year old Welsh woman. But if you don't have time for the audio, then here's MPR's written article.

Incidentally, I've tried to raise money for Cancer Awareness by playing Guitar Hero II, but so far no one seems to be interested. But, to my credit, I've been playing like people are very interested.

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