Friday, April 20, 2007

Blogger Round-Up

My fellow Georgetown fan at Leave the Man Alone has what sounds like good news about Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert. Considering that no one has given Florida a better game than Georgetown did last year, if those guys come back, Georgetown would have to be preseason Top 3. We at IDYFT are not above noticing and commenting on the fact that the Head Chick in Charge used the phrase, "On my knees.", which perked us up. We admit--we are not men; we are 14 year old boys who dress up in man costumes. We admit that. We embrace that. You find that charming. [WINK]

The bloggers at City Pages have been busy, and have lots of fun stuff. Corey Anderson has some thoughts on the New Vikings Stadium plan (which is almost $1 BILLION DOLLARS). Peter Schilling Jr, who may or may not be the son of that guy who did the sequel to Space Oddity, blogs about how the Twins sweeping the Mariners is actually a once-in-a-decade event. Demko, not satisfied with the crappiness of MLS soccer, digs into the prospects at the bottom of the table A-League, The Minnesota Thunder.

To be fair, there have been plenty of years when the Thunder had the talent to beat half of the MLS teams. If the Thunder could secure the funding for a soccer-specific stadium, I have no doubt they would be in the MLS before you knew what happened. Which leads to an interesting thought--would US soccer as a whole improve if relegation were being used here? Let's say the Thunder finish at the top of the A-League this year; the following year, they could count on proceeds from playing the LA Galaxy w/Beckham in tow. The financing for a relatively cheap stadium (anywhere from 1/4 to 1/50th of the proposed Vikings Stadium) would probably come pretty quick after that.

Moving on...

We blogged about the very weird baserunning mistakes Carl Crawford made a few games back. But Bat-Girl makes us feel very inadequate, because she doesn't just blog about the mistakes, and type some derogatory bullshit. No, she re-enacts it, with Legos. It is this kind of work that makes me feel like a half-assed blogger. And I swear, I'm using my whole ass.

The Lads of The Big Picture say that however you celebrate 4/20, Nate Newton did it better. Also, apparently, one of their buddies started a soccer blog, called The Beautiful Game. Check it out. We might.

You'll Never Blog Alone is getting lazy--not updated in a week? That's not something a crush of mine would do.


Badcock said...

Lego-vision by Bat Girl is awesome. Go check it out.

ynba said...

Wow, I'm actually embarrassed. Does having three finals, a paper, and a project count as an excuse?

Badcock said...

I know it's just the internet, but spelling words correctly every time is a good way to keep your grades reasonable.

Bob said...

A bit pedantic, but the A-League is now called the USL First Division. Regardless, relegation/promotion is unlikely to come to the US any time soon.