Saturday, April 14, 2007

Minnesota Centric

First of all, great story from the Star Tribune about Old-School Wrasslin' Prototype Baron von Raschke now treading the boards in the story of his life.

I couldn't be happier that the Nerds at the Minnesota History Center have finally come up with something righteous and cool that helps to document Minnesota's Wrasslin' history.

I'm a little disappointed that my favorite anecdote about the Raschke family was left unsaid, which is that Raschke's kid played high school basketball, and had to deal with the fans from the opposing team that would mime the Baron's classic move, The Claw, at him. Awesome.

On the other hand, this quote is awesome.

But he's glad to be back in a ring, even if it's at the History Theatre. He's not sure if he's up to the challenge, since, he says, there is no wrestler-turned-actor inspiration on whom to draw.

"I hear people say all the time that wrestlers are actors," he said. "But guys like Hulk Hogan have proved that wrestlers are not actors at all."

thanks to the Pacifist Viking for the heads up.

Secondly, we wish to make note of cultural news. Brother Ali's second full-length album dropped this week, and Brother Ali is probably going to be the rapper that puts the Twin Cities on the map. Sure, Slug of Atmosphere has done it a bit, and I'm assuming that if you are a savvy rap fan you already own some P.O.S. or maybe Eyedea & DJ Abilities. But this new album from Brother Ali is apparently the fucking shit. I loved his previous work, particularly his most single-sounding cut, "Forest Whitaker". Brother Ali is the real deal, and the press here is going nuts, but when it comes to music, always go with the City Pages.

So, with that in mind, here's their cover story on Brother Ali. Here's a photo album of Ali (yeah, yeah, he's albino) and a collection of live performances here.

Oh, and something called Cortez Hankton just became a Vikings receiver. You have to like the signings of no name receivers following the departure of Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper. This team is moving in the right direction! In three years, he's caught 34 passes (with half of them in his rookie year).

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Miwacar said...

The story that Big BM references i.e. the Baron von Rashke and high school basketball, is more precisely the story of my younger brother (10 at the time)being offered $5 to go up to the Baron at the aforementioned game and give him the claw. Needless to say, he did it, and was subsequently scared shitless when the Baron did one of his patented snears and growls, complete with the drool.

One of the proudest moments of my siblingdom.

You know the Baron could break coconuts with the Claw, right?