Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something for Nothing?

NFL News Flash ...

The Chiefs gave away outstanding KR/PR Dante Hall to the Rams for nothing more than a fifth round pick. Hall himself was picked in the fifth round, so the Chiefs seem to be thinking ... well, what the fuck are they thinking? That they'll pick up another X-Factor? 5th rounders aren't expected to necessarily make the team, let alone start, let alone be a star.

Although Hall's stats have fallen over the last two years, he has returned 11 kicks or punts for TDs in 97 games. He was the top returner in the NFL for three years straight and remains a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball. His lifetime average of 24 yards per KR and 10 yards per PR is solid, baby.

Herm Edwards indicates that he wants to make his team younger. So he is flushing away a twenty-eight year old wonder. Watch Edwards dismantle the Chiefs and be glad you're not a KC fan. And the Rams get something for nothing.


Jerious Norwood said...

Dante Hall is terrible at this point in his career. If he's in the top 10 in return yardage for KRs or PRs this year, I'll owe you a Coke. They were lucky to get a 5th for him. And plus if #5's are so worthless, why has Matt Millen accumulated so many in this years draft? Oh, right.

lbutler36 said...

Top KR/PR are always way overrated. They are great for your team, but alot of their success has to do with coverage teams and their shelf life is about a year and a half. Desmond Howard, Az-Hakim, Dante Hall, and soon Devern Hester. They get a year in the spotlight then disappear into bolivion.

Muumuuman said...

Hey Dante Hall could be the next Brian Mitchell! Wait - no he will not.

Badcock said...

Only the Great Brian Mitchell has more return TDs.

You are wrong: the importance of kick and punt returns (as well as coverage) is vastly underrated.

That businness about "three phases of the game" isn't hyperbole. There is more yardage won and lost in kick returns than in any other phase.

That matters.

Jerious Norwood said...

In that case why didn't they trade for Mitchell? Or Deion Sanders? Oh yeah, because they're old. No one is saying that the return game is unimportant (except maybe for butler the scientician), its just that he's way past his prime. In fact, the Cardinals return guy last year had more yardage than Hall. He's WASHED UP.

Badcock said...

Yokels who think that the KC Chiefs can benefit from divesting themselves of Dante "The Human Joystick" Hall in exchange for a fifth round pick ought to reconsider, lest they look like boners.

#1 What was the Cardinals record? Maybe the reason the Cardinals had so many kick return yards is because the Cardinals were scored on more often than Jerious Norwood's smoke ring blowing mom. (Point, Badcock).

#2 Hall is past his prime? He's 28 years old, and has never suffered a major injury. (Point, Badcock)

#3 Now he is moving into a dome stadium. It's not that dome astroturf is "quicker." If everyone were quicker there would be no advantage.

The surface gives an advantage to the ballcarrier because while he can make his move cleanly, the defender's feet are grabbed by the turf when he changes direction in reaction.

That one first move that makes the first man miss is exactly what makes Hall so valuable. Dome turf is a turboboost to his first move. His well-proven field vision is beyond reproach. The Rams were in the bottom of the league in KR & PR last year.(Point, Dickens, who was paid by the word).

Do I have a second, or do I have to go on?

Jerious Norwood said...

Luckily enough we'll not hear the human fuckstick's name (Badcock's mom should sue for copyright infringement) all next year. Except of coarse when people say things like "Hester and Ginn make the same kind of impact that Duante Hall used to make before he became more used-up than Badcock's mama... bitch"