Friday, April 27, 2007

Ask The Joes--Outside the Show Part One

The other day I was switching between Guitar Hero II and God of War II, and reading some of Larry Gonick's fine work, and it hit me--"I have all the winners from Season 2 of Pros vs. Joes, and they have shown willingness to answer my questions. Why am I just asking them about Pros Vs. Joes? They might have all sorts of wisdom to impart."

I was so excited my this idea, I played some more video games for a few weeks, and then asked the Joes. Here's what I asked:

Pretend you have a daughter. At what age do you let her date? When do you let her date the Varsity Quarterback?

Before we get to the responses, I'd like to say the response was pretty amazing from the Joes. I'd like to say that, but I can't, because thus far, it has been pretty underwhelming. But I'm sure that will change in time.

Here are the responses thus far:

Rodney: Talk about veering off PvJ territory. I'm glad I have sons because if I had a daughter she isn't allowed to date till she is out of college. Or her big brothers can help me decide since the varsity QB will probably be one of her brothers. but I will probably be a very overprotective dad with my daughters. Thank goodness I dont have any. Crazy question.

Hey Rodney, let's keep the editorializing about the questions I ask to a minimum. "Crazy question?" Fuck you, pal! Let's see how a real pro handles the question. And by "real pro" I mean "another Joe." Whatever. Rodney has soured me on this whole thing. Way to go, Rodney.

Mahlon: I have a 5 year old daughter. No way, no how. I plan on being the father that shows the poor soul who asks my daughter out my gun permit and a blank toe tag and let him read between the lines. I also will NEVER let my daughter go to a boarding school. I went to one and those girls get turned out in the worst way. One thing that PVJ did is to give my daughter something she can be proud of her old man for doing. She walks around the house quoting lines from my episode and always asking to watch 'daddy on tv'

Jackson: Well, I have a 6 Yr old Daughter, who the other day while we were talking, was not paying any attention to me. So I asked her if she was listening and her reply I will never forget… “Dad… all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah.”

Based on that reply alone, my daughter may never date. However, my wife and I feel very strongly about this subject. The age for dating will be 16. At that time, they will be group dates, no formal “going steady” until they are old enough to actually fall in love, and be ready to make a commitment (After high school). Now if the Varsity QB takes interest in my Daughter, and they are dating regularly after she is 16, I’m OK with that, as long as they aren’t spending time alone, but are off in groups with the WR, TE, D-Line and all of their own dates, in a group atmosphere with good kids who have parents with similar views. It’s much safer to know that your kids especially a daughter are with other kids the same age, who’s parents have the same moral values as you do.

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Badcock said...

This maybe wasn't the best question to start with.

But I'm glad dude #1 doesn't have a daughter.

And dude #2, you better fucking lighten up or I'll be tucking one dollar bills up your daughter's yummy junk in ten years, when she's paying for her baby's daddy's tattoo apprenticeship.