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Ask the Joe Roundtable Introduction and First Question

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As I've explained, many, many times, I'm a huge fan of the Pros vs. Joes thing on Spike. It came as somewhat a surprise to me that many of the Joes have enjoyed our coverage of the show here at IDYFT, and even submitted to interviews.

But now, as the second season is done, I've asked myself, "Why not ask these Joes all sorts of questions?" So, after consulting with 2/3rds of the Joes who made it to the season finale, I'm pleased to announce the Introduction of the Ask the Joes Roundtable. I will be asking the Joes questions, and collecting their responses, and adding them here. I've started off with a PvJ question, and I have a couple more of those (like, "When did you realize that you weren't competing for the 20 Grand that Season 1 participants were?"), but I see no reason not to ask the Joes lots of things. Who knows what kind of wisdom could be gleaned?

I'll be updating this post as the Joes weigh in.

First Question: Which Joe, and Which Pro were the biggest shit-talkers?


Joe: I believe I was the biggiest shit talker on my episode but for the finals I would say the Mahlon and the Z-man.

Pro: Tim Hardaway hands down in the finals was exactly how he was showed. Totally disrespectful and acted like he didn't want to be there. For my episode it was VINCE COLEMAN. But he was just mad because I didn't know who he was and I kept calling him Gary Coleman.

(BBM note: sounds like Rodney was trash talking Vince more than the other way around)

The Z-Man:

Joe: On my show the biggest shit talker was Church [BBM note: Church did talk a lot of shit!], but he was a cool guy, I liked him, but he did talk a lot of shit!!! [in the finals] I really don't think any of the Joes really talked a lot of shit to one another, so I would say that was pretty even.

Pro: The pro that talked the most shit was
[Daryl] Strawberry, he was pretty funny! And in the finals, the pro was [Timmy] Hardaway.


Joe: On my episode..the biggest shit talker was Phil Brown. Good kid but man did he have some of the weakest, pre-scripted verbal jabs. The pro's just brushed it off and turned it back on him with ease. My show was by far the funniest. There was SO much funny shit that never made it to TV. We had a blast.

Pro: All of the pros were extremely down to earth and cool in between takes once we got close to overtime. Wade Boggs was the cockiest by far but still very approachable and a great guy overall. He actually gave me a crash course on base running which is how I ended up winning. (I told the other guy to slide into home which I knew would give him a worse time too). Mark Jackson talked the most trash but it was clearly all in fun. For the final episode, Tim Hardaway was the biggest trash talker. He actually said some slick shit under his breath during the 2 on 2 that made me get over the fact that he was a "PRO" and actually try to just ball hard against him. Bruce Smith was just a mean looking dude. I don’t think he likes light-skinned guys like me and Rodney. Ever see "School Daze By spike lee?"


Joe: John- I think Paul Gene talked more shit than the other Joe's combined.

Pro: As for the Pro's, Tim Hardaway had a pretty big mouth, of course it got him in trouble finally! At the end of the day, Tim was a stand up guy. It was all show. As for Paul, my gut says it's his nature.


Joe: Ya know on both of my shows all the Joes were pretty level headed good athletes that didnt talk much trash, it was nice to be around good athletes that didn't aspire to be like Terrell Owens!!

Pro: As far as the Pros for the most part they were all class acts. Most notably Randy Couture and Kevin Willis were two of the most impressive physical specimans i had ever seen and they were still great guys to not only compete against but on the sidelines too!! The only Pro i had a problem with was the homo-phobe Tim the wanna be Hardaway!! Ya know he was the only pro besides Randall(who didnt need to prove anything) that didnt do 2 sports and i would have loved to seen him on the football field where i could have shown him what real contact in like!!


Joe: At the beginning of the competition it was definitely Mike “The Cheerleader” who was talking the most, but after round one of the events the other two Joes completely shut up and had nothing left to talk about… so the talking fell on me. Andre Rison and I got into it quite a few times. Andre Rison was definitely the mouth of the Pro’s in our Episode. As for the Joes in the finale we were all pretty even in our talk. I think we were more struck with the fact of who we were competing against and what they wanted us to do.

Pro: Andre Rison was definitely the mouth of the Pro’s in our Episode. For the Finale, Tim Hardaway and Kevin Willis both talked quite a bit. But Hardaway definitely gets the prize.

Editors: Clearly, consensus in on Timmy Hardaway being the biggest shittalker of the season finale. That would quality as a not particularly shocking revelation.

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