Friday, April 27, 2007

On the eve of the Draft...

An opportunity for more dorky prognostication, I can't resist.

The rumors circling around the draft suggest interesting possible permutations at the top.

Peter King has suggested that Adrian Peterson might need a titanium plate in his clavicle and not be the old Adrian Peterson (whatever that means) before 2008. Peterson claims that he'll be fine by camp. So basically, depending on what teams believe this incredible talent could slide towards the end of the top ten. Obviously its hard to have a firm opinion on this prospect if you don't have a firm medical prognosis. But if this isn't chronic, he will be unbelievably productive for whatever team is lucky enough to draft him.

Its also been suggested by some rumors that the Raiders have been active on many fronts in the days leading up to the draft. Apparently they've opened negotiations with Calvin Johnson, Jamarcus Russell, AND Brady Quinn. One rumor monger has suggested that the Raiders might be extremely close to a deal with the excellent prospect out of Notre Dame (God damn it).

The Raiders have also been rekindling trade talks that involve dumping Randy Moss. (Again, God damn it) As a Raider fan, the prospect of taking Quinn and giving Moss away for less than a first rounder (which is the current scuttlebutt) sucks in no uncertain terms. If thats the way it breaks down, I guess I'll be forced understand that Charlie Weiss is right, and that he'll be the next great QB. A combination of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Yeah thats it. Thats the ticket. He's gonna be the best QB ever. If the Raiders didn't take him, they'd have been fools.

Unfortunately, I don't quite believe that yet. But I could if I had to. At least Jamarcus isn't going to Denver.

On a less distressing note, apparently Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions are floating the notion that if they don't get any wondrous offers for Johnson with the 2nd pick, that they'll go ahead and pick the best wide reciever prospect EVER. Thats great guys, though I hope your sure you want someone this talented on your team. I mean, you're the ones that'll have to live with all those TDs and big plays. So just make sure before you commit.

Oh by the way, congratulations to the Packers. Getting a healthy, motivated Randy Moss who'd just love to punish the Vikings for the next few years doesn't suck. God fucking damn it. And if they include Aaron Rodgers in the deal it doesn't make it any better. This blows. Whatever.

So here's my latest mock draft.

Raiders: Russell (please)

Bucs (projected trade with Lions) In exchange for the rest of their day one picks, Gruden gets the Ga Tech receiver.

Browns: Quinn (Apparently the owner might force Savage's hand)

Lions: Considering Matt Millen is an unbelievably terrible GM who has a pathetic draft record, maybe the prospect of extra picks ain't that great. Well at least they're not embarrassed by taking another WideOut this early.

Cardinals: Thomas

Skins: Gaines Adams is a distinct possibility, but I think the Nigerian bad-dream whose supposedly not related to Christian (yeah right) goes here.

Vikes: And Minnesota lucks out. They have a top three talent staring them in the face, and they select... Jamaal Anderson. Hey, he was dominant for one whole year at Arkansas. It's also a distinct possibility that they take Landry from LSU here, or trade down one spot with the Falcons (who take Landry) and then take Anderson. Whatever, this is still super boring and stupid in the long run. But at least their coach is still bald.

And lest we forget...

The Packers at #16: apparently they keep their 1st rounder (God damn it!) They've got Farve for a couple of more years, and won't take a wideout here. Lynch is a possibility, but I think they like Morencey in their new zone blocking scheme enough to go with the TE out of Miami.



lbutler36 said...

According to the Packer Report, the Pack have made an offer to KC for Larry

Garwood B. Jones said...

The Nigerian Bad-Dream is the classic, Mr. Norwood. Your nick-naming brings a smile to my heart (which was coincidentally already smiling at the prospect of no longer having to cut Randy Moss).