Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter--Jesus Will Be Here Any Minute!

There are elements here at IDYFT that think that Golf is a sport. That's fine. That is their right, as Americans. Of course, it isn't really. No more than Mini-Golf, or Duck-Pin bowling, or Yahtzee, or any other game that requires skill, but still allows a hugely fat man to win every once in a while. As Mark Twain said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled". Or something to that effect.

But that's neither here nor there. I mention golf only to say that while it isn't a real sport, it is a competition, and we love competition here at IDYFT. And the Washington Post has come up with an excellent Easter Sunday competition.

Peeps Dioramas!

Of course, in bullshit Old Media style, The WaPo has decided to make the photos of the top dioramas impossible to link to, because if I were to be able to show my favorite Diorama here, you people wouldn't ever look at the others; you wouldn't go to website. This is precisely why YouTube has failed. Oh, wait--it hasn't failed? And it drives traffic to the producer of the original video? No shit?

Hopefully, this link will take you to the Peeps Finalist Photo Thumbnail Page. Enjoy it!

Oh, also, my sister would like you all to know that if you microwave a Peep, hilarious things transpire, but you do want a paper plate underneath it, for when the final implosion happens. Yeah, apparently, it is an implosion. If my sister is to be trusted, which she totally isn't. But in case she isn't lying, I should say that Peeps in a microwave expand to become a MegaPeep, before collapsing in on themselves, much like a star might.


Lucy Rhode said...

Say Anything gets my vote. Little Miss Sunshine is a close 2nd.

extrapolater said...

If a Peep implodes, it can't be a black hole, can it? I don't really need an event horizon in my house. I got kids n' shit.

Rickey Henderson said...

Mark Twain didn't say that, it was Lech Walensa. Jeez, get it straight...

Peeps are the balls by the way.