Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jason Sehorn, You Are Not Fooling Me

Dear Jason:

You've got most of America fooled, I think. Your Purloined Letter/The Prestige secret of hiding in plain sight has got everyone looking the other way.

And brother, I know you must be bored. No longer in the NFL, dealing with a wife who seemed raspy voiced and hot, but whose political views are just barely to the left of Nixon--it must get tiring for you, friend*.

But, dammit man. You are showing a lot of chutzpah. I'm sure as white bread as you are, that's still a term you must of learned whilst in NYC. Maybe you could get away being a correspondent on ABC News, but you got greedy, Martin.

You simply can't show up as the Saturday Anchor of ABC News, with a fake name and fake biography, and a couple of slight make-up adjustments, and expect us not to notice.

Prove me wrong, "David Muir". I want to see Jason Sehorn and "David Muir" in the same room, photographed together.

*You aren't my friend. You are still a NY Giant, and while I don't remember you having much of an impact in any games against my team of Noble Savages, I consider you an enemy all the same.

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Badcock said...

Can't you just look at Jason Sehorn and dislike him?

The only reason you know his name is because he was a white cornerback. Just like Rush Limbaugh said, there's a vested interest in promoting him for social reasons. Or what have you.

I Dislike Jason Sehorn because he was a NY Giant and a putz which I realize is redundant. Fucking sue me.