Friday, April 13, 2007

Tiny Baby Japanese Monkey

Thanks to a fugly freak, Florida beat Ohio State and thus denied me a statue of Jesus playing "ball" with two kids.

However, as the highest ranking IDYFT contributor at #5 (and as an acquisitive Jew), I feel that I deserve some sort of bonus prize. After all, the next highest IDYFT contributor was Miwacar at 14th.

Don't make me send in my fiendish Japanese monkeys to exact my price.


Badcock said...

Oh my god, I love monkeys!!!

ESPECIALLY tiny baby japanese monkeys!!!

Keep up the great journalism, badcack!!!

Lucy Rhode said...

Welcome back badcock. Did you not feel missed? Your absence was felt deeply by one and all. By the by, the monkey is cute – almost as cute as a petulant child. Will you be blogging about your travels?

Badcock said...

I'll see what I can whip out over the next couple days.