Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great Goals: Steve McManaman

Given the dry play in the Final Four, and given the scoreless draw that the US took with Guatemala, I think it is important that sometimes sport is defined by a 70 yard run that began with one bold push of a ball. Watch this fucking run from Stevie McManaman, who, back in the 90's was the epitome of a Player I Loved to Hate. I hated Steve, but I don't know why. Why would I prefer the tall and lankiness of Tore Andro Flo over Steve's lanky speed? Perhaps I thought of Steve as a little soft. But in this goal, he goes on a perfect rampage. Like many long runs resulting in goals, it is that first touch, which is daring and risky and a bit out of control, that sets up the whole thing. Enjoy.

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