Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's Keep an Eye on the Germans, Shall We?

Not in that sense that they are going to suddenly rise up and decide that, I don't know--Belgian Waffles? -- need to be wiped off the face of the Earth. I mean it in the soccer/fussball sort of way.

Everyone talks about the Premiership, and the MLS (Good Lord, why?) and maybe a couple of the hardcore fans will delve into La Liga and Serie A, and who can blame them, with Ronaldhino and Messi and Eto'o doing what they are doing, or what Inter is putting together in Milan. But even a dedicated soccer fan can lose sight of the Bundesliga--it isn't a very sexy league compared to those other 3, but it is certainly closer to them then it is to say, MLS or the French Leagues (embarrassing, what's happened to them) or the Dutch.

I mention this because I was wandering, bored, through my OnDemand Cable Service, and came across a highlight show of European Leagues not named after English companies, and watched, and in the past three weeks, I'm not sure that anyone has struck a more incredible goal than Christoph Preuss (He'd prefer to have his name spelled with the s-set, but that just ain't happenin'.). Look at this strike. And yeah, there's some luck involved. But as I said somewhere else in the Great Goal thread, Luck only gets you so far. It does take skill to get in this position, not to mention to kick a credible ball towards net, much less score upper 90.

Enjoy the 2 or 3 week old goal from unknown Christoph Preuss (his first goal in the Bundesliga!)

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