Saturday, April 07, 2007

Moving Day

The amount of profanity on the Master's today is great. Tiger Woods is throwing clubs en route to another bogey-bogey finish, Stuart Appelby looks like he bought his outfit off the clearance rack in the pro-shop, and Jerry Kelly appears to be drunk and have Tourette's Syndrome (that's why we love golfers from Wisconsin).

Geoff "Don't Call me 'Tin Cup'"Ogilve laid up on 15, then proceeded to put his 3rd & 5th shots into the water and is about to hit his 7th shot from the fairway. Ugh.

As a horrible golfer, this is really fun to watch. These guys have no confidence that anything they do is going to be right. Prediction: Tiger ends up in the second-to-last group tomorrow, shoots even par, and becomes the first golfer to win the Masters from outside the final group since 1989.

Update: 20 minutes later and it's now almost certain that Tiger will be in the final group tomorrow. Stay tuned, in about 5 minutes, he may be leading.


Anonymous said...

Less Golf, more implications of the "Beckham Rule" for the future of the MLS.

Garwood B. Jones said...

Hey Monkey, I think we've both been zinged. I say we ban this 'Anonymous' character (if that is his real name).