Sunday, April 29, 2007

Draft recap

Obviously a dorky mock draft deserves it counterpart in the form of a dorky cap recap.

Raiders: A+ Jamarcus Russell will be one of the top five QB's in the league within 3 years. His physical ability overshadows his natural leadership, poise under pressure, and innate ability to win. This selection alone would merit a top grade, but the fact that the Raiders also picked up a top TE prospect, and promising DE prospect in later rounds is only icing on the cake. The Randy Moss trade, while arguably unfortunate from the Raiders perspective, doesn't factor into the draft grade.

Vikings: A+ Adrian Peterson is also a franchise player. You have your first round picks, and then you have special talents that impact the game every time they step on the field. I think Peterson (assuming health, as with any other player) will be a Hall of Famer. And the fact that he's a running back will mean that his impact will be felt sooner than that of Russell's, who will almost certainly be on the bench for the majority of his first season in the league. Besides their first pick, Minnesota was able to add Sidney Rice, the WR out of South Carolina with their 2nd pick. Rice will be a really good WR in time, and probably at the top of the Vikes depth chart immediately (not that that means very much at this point). Based on this draft, the Vikings will make the playoffs this year.

Packers B: Green Bay had a good draft, but it has to be disappointing for Packers fans not to wind with Randy Moss after all that pre-draft speculation (especially since Oakland gave him away for a 4th AND he's reportedly going to sign a ONE year, $3 million deal in place of his previous contract for two years and $20 million. Oh yeah, and its been confirmed be two NFL teams that Moss has been clocked in the low 4.3's in Florida this week. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.) Oh yeah, the players: They got a really good D tackle out of Tennessee, and a solid RB from Nebraska. A workman-like performance, whatever.

Savages C-: Landry is one of the best players in this draft, though apparently he doesn't have good ball skills (ie he doesn't intercept the ball when he's got a chance.) This is not a good thing for a team that broke a personal record for fewest turnovers last year. When you factor in that they didn't have their 3rd AND 4th rounders because of their trade for TJ Duckett, backup RB for the Detroit Lions. Oh, and they didn't have their 2nd because a trade last year for a backup LB (shockingly still on their own team); Its amazing they're as good as they are.


Muumuuman said...

Green Bay also picked up Mason Crosby - I tell you that boy can kick!

Miwacar said...

Mr. Norwood, your past of hyperbole aside, I agree with your praise for Adrian Peterson. I am stoked. I saw him play the Army High School All-Star game years ago, and have followed him ever since. He was a man amongst boys in HS. Then at OU he was a man amongst bigger boys. And now in the NFL he will be a Manly-man amongst men.

And I am in total agreement about the earlier converstaion about Dante Hall. A once great talent, is no longer above average. I mean shit, the Raiders only got a 4th rd for Moss and he is twice the player of Hall, eccentricities and all.

lbutler36 said...

As a Packers fan, I am very happy that they did not trade for Moss. He will burn out in NE after 25 7 yard passes are completed to 14 different receivers. I don't think it will be up to snuff for Randy's ratio

Also I am happy the Pack got Crosby, at great value, in the 6th. The boy has got power. I would go to games early and see him kick 75+ yarders easy in warmups

Badcock said...

Mr. Wood, you are correct in your analysis of the Noble Savages. In the Gibbs era, I had hoped that player personnel decisions & cap managment wouldn't cripple our draft as it had so many years in the past. Not yet.

Jerious Norwood said...

Only an idiot Packer Fan (I'm not intentionally being redundant, I promise) would say that they're glad Moss isn't on their team. Are you some how under the impression that the Pack is on the verge of the Super Bowl. Is Farve 26? Did you guys go 11-5 last year and then lose by a whisper? No!!! Shut the fuck up. God, you're stupid. What?, don't you think that a future hall of famer whose just run a 4.29 40 yard dash can't help your team? Please, don't reproduce unless the girl happens to be wicked smart.