Thursday, April 12, 2007

Game Over?

Bee-wu-wu-wu-wu (or at least that is as close as I could come to a phonetic representation of the sound effect of Pac-Man being caught by Pinky or Binky or one of the other ghosts).

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell finally handed down the long awaited punishment for Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, and as a bonus his college teammate and fellow miscreant Chris Henry got his come uppins’ too. Pac-Man after a year of run-ins with the law, that would make the Duke Boys blush, became the poster child for the league’s new “Get Tough” policy for the off-field behavior of its players. For this honor Mr. Jones received a year’s suspension without pay. It’s going to be harder for him to buy more diamond encrusted Pac-Man necklaces with the loss of income (see pic below). His “boy” Mr. Henry gets an 8 –game suspension for his misdeeds of the past year and a half. From what I know, and I know a lot, Mr. Henry plans on spending his time off working out the details for the biggest casino heist of all time, more info on that to come later.

For now the bad boys of the NFL have witnessed the shot across their respective bows and await the Pirate Goodell’s boarding if they continue to carry on in their off-field shenanigans. Tank Johnson as soon as you get out of the Clink, you in tr-ou-ble!

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