Friday, October 13, 2006

University of Wisconsin Band Gone Wild

So now the bands of the big colleges are having hazing issues. In order to haze effectively, doesn't an organization have to be something that lots of people are trying to desperately get into? I don't think I could name too many organizations that I want to be a part of bad enough to put up with the bullshit hazing rituals that I keep reading about. I know that one of the groups out there at the very bottom of my list is the fucking band of any educational institution.

University of Wisconsin band can apparently act as though they are a very exclusive organization, and subject their female members to all kinds of shit: (AP)

- Female members being forced to kiss each other to gain entry to bus bathrooms.

- Women being forced to draw pornographic pictures for more senior band members and read explicit accounts of their sexual preferences composed by others.

- A female member told to suck on a sex toy as part of a hazing incident.

- Younger band members receiving "demeaning and abusive demands" to run errands and refill beer cups for older members.

- Upperclassmen supplying freshmen women with alcohol and demanding they join in the drinking.

I think my favorite part is that behavior of the band on road trips was so notorious that school had to get the dance team and cheerleaders their own buses to avoid the abuse and harassment. That's a one crazy band, man.

Way to live down that reputation as sexist party college, Badgers!

By the way, the real life badger sexual habits are awfully similar to their human counterparts at the University. Agressive animals, they too are promisicuous with the key mating season being late summer and early fall.


Anonymous said...

That's the hottest post I've ever read.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Things were getting too serious around here, and we need to skew towards the salacious to pick up readership anyway.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

- "A female member told to suck on a sex toy as part of a hazing incident."

fred smoot isn't in the UW band now, is he?

Jerious Norwood said...

what kind of sex toy was it? And where did you get that picture of a Badger Christman ornament?

Garwood B. Jones said...

Upperclassmen supplying young women with alcohol? (cue Kurt Russell-esque pained face as I drop to my knees and scream in anguish) NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!

Hey Barnyard, you ever use alcohol to lower a girls inhibitions? (Big Blue doesn't count)

Barnyard said...

Use it? That smacks of something so criminal. There's only one criminal who writes for this blog. Let's see if the readers can guess!!

Anonymous said...

they deserve to be suspended in my opinion. i played drums my freshman year... booze was for the most part forced on freshmen and the things about sex toys and about kissing other girls is unfourtunately totally true... i refused... needless to say i'm no longer in marching band, it really wasn't worth it... thing is, most of the other girls wouldn't stand up to any of the mostly senior guys (and some girls)

female drummer said...

anonymous must have been in the drumline years ago.

I am a female on the line NOW and i count my male counterparts as some of my closest friends who treat me with respect and dignity. I've never been forced or pressured to drink, I have never been sexually harassed by them or any other male member of the band. forced booze, sex toys, or degrading females is simply NOT part of our culture.

shame on you for not having the balls to address these issues when they actually WERE issues, and stop badmouthing an organization you are not currently involved with. The reason we get accused of these things is because people like you say they "happen all the time" when they happened years ago.