Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Redskins Sign Yet Another 15-Year Vet: Victory Over Colts Is Assured

The Redskins signed Troy Vincent, the active leader in interceptions in the NFL, which is good. Vincent isn't "active" for the Bills this season because he was put on Injured Reserve. I think that's bad. Luckily, DBs don't really use their hamstrings.

Vincent consistently averages 3 INTs a year. Will that trickle be enough to bolster the Redskins pass D, on pace for the lowest INT total since 1970 (which I think is when they started keeping D stats)?

I say in a loud, clear firm voice: "I predict victory over the 5-0 Colts in Indy."

Vincent will have two picks (but give up a TD), Portis will run for 150+ and 3 TDs, Colts run for 50 yds on 13 carries no TDs.

Why am I making this prediction? Because I have nothing left inside me but a poisonous contempt for the fans of Horseface McProduct. That, and enough Delusion to power Los Angeles for a fortnight.

Troy Vincent Is Ready to Contribute

stock photo : Businessman Thumbs Up

I'll be drunk by halftime.

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