Friday, October 27, 2006

Cardinals Win the World Series! Cardinals Win the World Series!

by the by, Image Googling 'cartoon snoring' leads to some disturbing material. My favorite is this one, which comes courtesy of, which is clearly a One Woman Thelma and Louise in One Panel. Look at the clenched fist of the woman. She's about to murder her grostesquely long limbed lover, and all because he's too noisy whilst sleeping.

Lady, look--if you invite a man to sleep over in your tiny, little girl-themed bedroom, be prepared for him to sleep in awkward angles that make him snore. Don't compound the problem by inviting over guys who are as gangly as Kevin McHale with backward elbow joints. That Left arm of his was a warning that he had health problems.

You can probably find relatively healthy men who will dig your incredibly tiny little girl themed bedroom--you don't have to resort to reversed elbow giants with no legs.

I feel a need to throw a quick shout-out to my favorite comics blogger, The Comics Curmudgeon. You'll find yourself caring about Mark Trail and Apartment 3-G. He's that good.


The Critic said...

Now on to the major sports.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she's frustrated because she can't reach her moleskine.

Muumuuman said...

She's clearly reaching in the dudes pocket, either looking to steal his wallet or perhaps his kidneys. Though the pocket is the best way to get a kidney, ask any doctor.

Anonymous said...

Pshaw! It's all about her journal. Having roused to discover a Republican in her bed, she’s clearly nauseated and needs to work through her pain by creating an angry narrative.

Garwood B. Jones said...

It appears to be created by the same artist who draws the Dulcolax commercials. Ew.

But seriously, what you all fail to realize is that she's angrily fingering herself and he is feigning sleep to get out of his husbandly duties. He's fake snoring to distract her from the fact that his go-go-gadget arm is reaching into the bedside table for the ether soaked rag that he keeps hidden for just such marital "emergencies".