Monday, October 30, 2006

Hunting Update: Murderer of Drunken Bear Still At Large

King Juan Carlos of Spain is found not have shot and killed a domestic, drunken bear, Mitrofan, on a hunting trip with Vlad Putin this last August in Russia. The lesson here is not to feed your pet bear vodka laced honey, then allow it to find its way near a Russian hunting party. Have we all not read Tolstoy? I mean those Russian hunts are well known for their Mongolesque "encircle and destroy all living things" approach to hunting. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Mitrofan the bear. I guess I need to take in my LSD laced deer salt-lick from my backyard. Although the sight of a twelve point buck trippin' balls is a wonderful treat, something all should see in their lifetimes, the possiblility of a tragic, unwaranted kill, is enough to dissuade me for now. Happy hunting!


spanish said...

I am ashamed to be spanish

Big Blue Monkey said...

This is what did for you? I would have thought a few decades of World Cup stumbly-wumbly would have made you ashamed a long, long time ago.