Thursday, October 12, 2006

Legion of Doom Nominee Update: Mark Downs Jr, A Judge Says You Are Way Too Competitive!

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Fayette County Judge Ralph Warman sentenced Mark Downs Jr. to serve one to six years in a state prison and banned him from supervising any youth sports teams when he is paroled...

Jurors found Downs guilty last month of corruption of minors and conspiracy to commit simple assault for a June 27, 2005, incident in which a player said the coach offered him cash to throw a ball at Harry Bowers Jr. during warm-ups for a play-off game so that Harry would be unable to play.

At the time, Harry, who has autism, was 9. The thrower, Keith Reese Jr., was 8.

Downs was one of Our Legion of Doom Nominees. It seems our Judicial system agrees, as a group of his peers and a judge have handed him a criminal punishment much more severe than what O.J. Simpson received for his double homicide.

By the way, I'm hugely disappointed in Downs overall look. I was hoping for hulking, shaved Chewbacca kind of a guy. He's just a tall, skinny nerd who probably has flashbacks to when he was picked last for kickball. And when he saw Harry, he saw the ultimate version of himself. And he lashed out. He's a more complicated character than I'd like. Maybe his dad paid his coach money to pay his teammate to bean him before important games. It's not hard to imagine, is it?

Hell, his Lawyer looks far more likely to bean an autistic kid. As does his wife. I dub her, "Lady Mac&Cheese Beth"


Badcock said...

Am I crazy, or do Downs and Timothy McVeigh have the same barber?

Also, I don't think Lady Mac&Cheez Beth is his wife. I think it's his son.

Starts to make more sense, doesn't it?

Jerious Norwood said...

Dub her "Lady Mac&Cheese Beth" is so classist. Why must you stereotype these people so? Its not like they flew the Confederate Flag or anything.