Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hey Who Wants Product? We Want to Sell Product!

You can own this handsome t-shirt, and tons of other I Dislike Your Favorite themed stuff, simply by visiting our store, and plunking down money. Prices range from the uber-cheap bumper sticker to the incredibly expensive, audacious, Platinum Plated Skull of Ty Cobb*. Regardless of the item, it will be emblazoned with our battlecry of "I Dislike Your Favorite Team". Let your friends know that you will not suffer to hear about how the Yankees got robbed this year, or how Chester Taylor is going to make the difference for the Vikings, or that Robin Van Persie isn't a fucking badass.

If our current designs don't grab you, please still think about signing up for our newsletter (available to your left, in the box that says, "Sign up for our Store Newsletter"). We have a very talented graphic artist working for us, and when she isn't busy with her scientifical attempt to prove that Chet Utley is a time traveller who invented Chutney, she's designing for us, and we'll have so many clothing options for you, you might spontaneously orgasm. If that happens, enjoy it. And buy a t-shirt. Full release usually costs at least 200 bucks. We're a bargain.
*Ty Cobb's skull may be a fictional item.


Badcock said...

I will be buying one of these very nice t-shirts. As soon as I collect enough cans.

Anonymous said...

It's Chase, goddamnit...Chase Utley. Go Phils.

Anonymous said...

Also, "chutney" should not be capitalized.

Go Redskins!