Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dexter Manley vs. Ditka

Washington Redskins Ring-of-Famer Dexter Manley started the feud before a 1987 playoff game when he said, "we need to knock Walter Payton out of the game."

Mike Ditka claimed Dexter Manley had “the IQ of a grapefruit.”

In the game, Manley knocked out Bear’s QB Doug Flutie with a brutal hit. The Redskins won.

In the locker room after the game, Manley brandished a plastic flute with “Flutie” written on the side of it, and snapped it in two for the benefit of the camera. Manley was later fined $1,000 by Pete Rozelle for the hit ("Roughing the Midget").

Manley later acknowledged that Ditka's insult hurt him badly since he was, in fact, illiterate. He often resorted to sitting in front of his locker and pretending to read the Wall Street Journal to hide his illiteracy from teammates.

"You didn’t fail sir. The system failed you."

- Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski at Senate committee on Illiteracy, 1989

For an excellent recap of the truly strange tragic tale of Dexter Manley, read:

I hate to praise anyone else's work, so you know it's good. It might be too sad for the Legion of Doom. Maybe not.

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Badcock said...

In case people have short memories, Manley was unstoppable at his peak. Of his 97 ½ career sacks, 46 ½ were recorded during a 3 year period.

Anonymous said...

Anything else you gonna lift from that article?

Badcock said...

Yes. Quoting directly from the article, "Ditka was observed consuming between ten and fifty grams of semen at halftime. When asked about it, Ditka angrily replied, 'Yeah I chug cum. Wanna fight about it?' "

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny.

The Fan's Attic said...

Hopefully, Dexter Manley Jr. will be just as entertaining in his career.

Anonymous said...

He has two super bowls rings, four drug suspensions in the NFL and couldn't read a menu at a Ditka's restaurant. Walter Payton would have hit dum-dum so hard, he'd have knocked the black off of him.