Monday, October 23, 2006

Anna Kournikova

Since she is technically a "sports personality," I figure she deserves mention. This is copied verbatim from a thread on her official website:

"would you like to know something the night court judge in New York a Ryder [NBR] showed-up 20,000 bail and tried to kill me as I contacted something I was not suitable for a date
so the Ryder person stood at the Defendant's and mocked human history
now I kill all nigger retard
the police laughed they did not do their job they thought this was a joke NOW YOU ARE DEAD!

The poster is some white loser at Boston College. How this relates to Kournikova, or indeed anything in sports, I'm not certain. All I know is, this is the most interesting thing I found when I typed "nigger retard" into a search engine.

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