Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Bob Barker is retiring. Oh man. Fair warning to everybody who was looking forward to at some point losing their job, drinking 40's in the morning and getting to watch the Price is Right everyday for six months. If you want the full six month Bob Barker Experience, you best get cracking on getting laid off (remember--fired is no good. No unemployment checks in that). Bob is retiring in June, which means you have 8 months of Bob Barkery Goodness Left. Man. That makes me very sad.

Well, until a fitting Bob Barker tribute comes along, here's the stoner guy who kept bidding 420.


Anonymous said...

[Barker] said he'd take on a movie role if the right one came along, but filmmakers, take note: "I refuse to do nude scenes. These Hollywood producers want to capitalize on my obvious sexuality, but I don't want to be just another beautiful body."

Badcock said...

I have also taken a vow to refuse all nude scenes that aren't involved in furthering the plot. I'm tired of being some Hollywood fucktoy. I'm gonna show the world what I got!

Garwood B. Jones said...

C'mon BB! "Fair warning to everyone who was looking forward to losing his job, drinking in the morning, and getting to watch TPIR every day for 6 months"? Now granted, you would have needed to change the verb tenses as it's been 4 years since I lived that plan but you could have at least mentioned me.

After all, I have a semi-autobiographical short story that opens with the line: I was drinking beer and watching TPIR when the phone rang.

I register my disappoinment at not being mentioned with a resopunding: Harrumph!