Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sports Legion of Doom continued, #10-8

The Legion of Doom is 13 Members Strong. Read up on #13-11 here.

#10 Ty Cobb (3)--Sinestro
Aside from the obvious facial similarities (big smiles, outward curved ears, and a love for pointy collars) Cobb and Sinestro have an ideology in common. Sinestro was opposed by the Green Lantern, and thus hated everything Green, and relied on his Ring, power by Yellow to defeat the Green Lantern. He was never successful. Ty Cobb relied on his power of Whiteness, and despised the color Black. He was not successful in reining in the color black, much as Sinestro was continually stopped by the color green.

#9 Romo (3)--Solomon Grundy
Almost too obvious of a connection to make. Brute strength, slow wit, quick to blame other members of the Legion for their failings, whilst overlooking their own. If Solomon Grundy had a wife, he would have almost certainly pinned a few of his crimes on her, or at least made certain she was complicit. Solomon Grundy is likely to antagonize the Dark Knight. Romo is likely to spit in the face of anyone as dark as midnight.

#8 Bowie Kuhn (3) --Captain Cold
Both sport snazzy eyewear. Both get confused with other folks (Bowie, the guy from the out of date sex-ed filmstrip you giggled at; Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze). Both perpertrated crimes that either metaphorically or physically stopped water in its tracks. Bowie Kuhn tried, and only temporarily successed in stopping the Flood of Free Agency in baseball, believing that owners should actually own players. He got into the Hall of Fame for his work keeping the player down. Captain Cold tried to stop The Flash in his tracks, which he rarely did. The only difference between these two is that one succeeded in stopping a crazy fast man in his tracks, and got rewarded for it. Both had hearts of ice. Both are near forgotten today, but they shouldn't be. They were villians!

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