Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jay DeMerit sings!

A short time ago, we blogged a little about Jay DeMerit's success story. In the comments for that story, fellow blogger The Fan's Attic recommended a story from Sports Illustrated on Jay's rags to riches story.

Well, we read that article and we were struck about an aside in it--that DeMerit had recorded a song for his club Watford that had the dubious title of "Soccer Rocks". Your ordinary person on the street, the mundane sort of fucker who has "places to be" and "things to do" might have just let that slide. But not us, oh no.

We tracked down the song, with nary a clue except for the song title. Why? Because we're fucking awesome, that's why.

Unfortunately, our crappy dial-up connection doesn't allow us to very effectively listen to the streaming version of the song, and we're not sure we are willing to pay the 99 cents to buy it outright. But we can say that Alexi Lalas is no longer the rockingest American soccer player.

So, follow this link, and in the top right corner, push the Listen button, and let us know what you think.

Update: 8/6/09--that link no longer works, but this one does.


The Fan's Attic said...

great find.

Garwood B. Jones said...

Can we start a short list of the worst songs ever recorded by professional athletes. It'll be difficult to narrow down the myriad horrible hip-hop released recently by the likes of Ron Artest, Kobe, T-Hud and of course Shaq Deisel but between those, Dirk Nowitzki's "Turn Around; Fade Away" and countless others (Allen Iverson, Bronson Arroyo, Carl Lewis, Deion Sanders, Oscar De LaHoya have all released albums) we could have quite a contest. We could also have a category for worst fight songs ala Mr. Norwood's 1986 Atlanta Hawks or the Vikings fight song that Denny wrote. Make it happen BB!

JG said...

The proceed's from the sale of this song (not meant to be serious, but a fun tribute to Watford) are going to Cancer Research. Jay is gonna stick to defending.