Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Wrap-up

Spurs Win Game One Over Mavericks

You can be forgiven if you were just listening to your TV, as I was, for thinking that Mavericks completely dominated this match-up. When their lead inched up to 6 points at halftime, pretty much every talking head on the TV made it sound like it was game over, that the Spurs were done and the Mavericks would coast to victory.

6 points? Isn't that 2 possessions? Tim Duncan had 20 first half points, for heaven's sake.

Quick note on the news link I used above. I find it difficult to blame the "youth" of the Mavs for 31 year old Jerry Stackhouse's brainfart.

Pistons Destroy Cavs

Destroyed them. 113-86. Nothing to really talk about here. Pistons made every shot, and play defense. The result was pretty obvious by the middle of the 3rd quarter. I didn't watch much of it, as I was glued to the next story.

But obviously, we need to touch on Damon Jones' snappy blazer. Leopard print blazers were just a matter of time. Take that, NBA dress code! Also take that, right thinking people's eyes!
The obviously awesome Deadspin has a photo of Mr. Jones Rocking The Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Outfit. So obviously, one has to ask. What does LeBron think of it?

According to the Globe and Mail article above, he doesn't think much of it. So we know that LeBron is the new badass on the North American continent, but who knew he had a little Don Rickles in him?

“I'd never put that on me, never,” James said. “I'd lock it up in a cage or put
it on a leash or something.”

So, if the Pistons really want to an advantage, they should switch to jaguar print jersey. Clearly, it freaks out LeBron. This plan could not possibly fail. Time will tell how the Cavs rebound from this brutal loss. They were surely tired, but they are also young, and Ilgauskas is way overdo for a leg break.

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