Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Baseball--Twins Hit Enough, Phillly Rolls

I didn't watch as much of the NBA playoffs as I could have, mainly because I was entranced by Johan Santana's performance against the surprisingly good Detroit Tigers. Six no-hit innings. I think five of them were perfect, and it was a pretty sketch couple of calls that gave the Tigers any baserunners at all.

And of course, Torii Hunter's unbelievable catch in the 5th was something to marvel at. The press accounts can't possibly do justice do it. If you were watching on TV, the ball was a guaranteed double, even for big slow old Magglio Ordonez. And then Hunter appears screen right (which any film theorist can tell you is where good guys appear. bad guys appear from the left. "sinister" means left-handed. Left=evil, is what I'm saying). and dives and stabs at the ball, and rolls a few times. He looked hurt, but it was a hell of a catch, and it appears he is fine.

Obviously, rooting for the Twins seems like a fools errand at this moment, but I'll continue to do so, and hope the pitching and batting stop completely sucking. Twins made it interesting, but did win the game, and Santana looked awesome. He'll win a ton of games as slong as the Twins bats give him 4 runs. That's all he needs, ever, it seems.

One of my good friends is a Phillies fan, and so I feel compelled to note that they have won 8 in a row. They swept the Giants, gave up one homerun to that guy who now has 713 dingers, and who seems to be coping quite well with his strange weight gain from a few years back. Is he injecting steroids into his neck just to keep his head up? It's possible. His head is 'uge! If I may quote the most underrated comedy of the past 15 years, "It's uge. It's like an orange on a toothpick." Of course, Bonds' body is not a toothpick. The reference kind of breaks down there. Still it's a huge noggin. It's of Prypleshian proportions. (If you knew Pryplesh, that would make you laugh, I promise).

Up next for Philly, Billy Wagner. No truth to the rumors that after Wagner's comments, the Phillies are looking to sign Kelly Stinnett.

Oh, and the Mets lose Victor Zambrano for the year.

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