Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Lethal Weapon Index: An Introduction

We all love the NFL. You have to. It's a fucking law, or should be. If you dislike the NFL, go to Cuba, or China, or Mexico, or the other 150 countries in which the NFL doesn't exist. We love Lethal Weapon movies, or if you prefer "The Mismatched Buddy Cop Movie" Genre, which certainly, Lethal Weapon started.

So why the fuck not combine them? What could be lost? Most Quarterbacks are white, still. I don't know of a starting running back in the NFL who isn't black. So, what we have here is a perfect opportunity to evaulate divisions based on their Buddy Cop Quotient, or BCQ.

If we don't do it, here at I Dislike Your Favorite Team, who will? Someone else. And I don't want Someone Else to do it. Someone Else stinks of Garlic and drinks absinthe and writes about how soccer would be more popular if the goals were bigger, or if the goals were smaller without goalies. Fuck Someone Else. We're doing this.

All backfield combos will be evaluated as a potential buddy cop movie, if they remind us of one, and then be given a rating 1-10 stars, just like movies! Fun? Possibly.

You'll see, and I think you'll like. First up: NFC East (that's still a division, right?)

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