Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Say What?

Justin Gatlin's world record, is now his and Asafa Powell's. As it turns out, his 9.76 in last weeks 100 meters in Qatar, was really a 9.766. Therefore, it was to have been rounded up to a 9.77 the same time that Asafa Powell set last year.

Gatlin, according to IAAF rules, can now request a "re-do" where he'd be able to run a 100 meter race against himself on the street in front of his house, while his brother times him with a stop watch. The results of this "re-do" would then be immediatley argued as "unfair" and "...the first one should'a counted", but according to its own rules, the IAAF would have to accept them, as Justin Gatlin and his brother can kick the shit out of the whole governing body and they have to respect that. Gatlin expects to run a blistering 9.2 in stocking feet while his mom yells at him from the front stoop, lambasting him for "gettin' them socks too dirty to get clean in the wash!"

The saga of international track and field competition continues.

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Big Blue Monkey said...

This is a very odd situation. I watched that race, and I watched Powell's. I think Gatlin was faster. I know that sounds silly, but I've never seen any close down the last 10 meters like Gatlin did.

Rounding error stinks of something else. I don't think its balco related, though. Gatlin is no Ben Johnson, or even Gail Devers. He's ripped, but not insanely so. Perhaps it had to do with the location of the race. Maybe IAAF doesn't trust Qatar.

Gatlin looked fast, though. And not roided out fast. Michael Johnson looked more disturbingly msucular then Gatlin ever has.