Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fresh Meat Update. Twins Win! Twins Win!

As my brother in posting Miwacar pointed out, the Twins, in desperation, have moved three new pitchers into the starting rotation. How well have they fared against the drunken Brewers of Milwaukee? Shockingly well, though they've had a ridiculous amount of run support. You give Johann Santana 4 runs of support, and I don't think he loses, ever. He is of course, the coolest named, best-stuff having Left Hander in the World. But we're not here to talk about Johann at the moment. (though I think it is overdue that we do).

First up, Francisco Liriano, well chronicled here on this blog (I do believe this is the first time I've linked to myself, which is very exciting. Like masturbating with a hand that has fallen asleep. Too crude a metaphor?). Liriano gave himself his own run support to start with (which again, might be like masturbating with a hand that has fallen asleep), plating his first major league RBI. He went 5 innings, pitched about 68 pitches, and gave up 1 run. The Twins win, 7-1.

Scott Baker pitched tonight. He's the least green out of these new pitchers, having pitched some last year as a starter. He's got good stuff. We don't talk about him much. I think it's because his name is so boring. I mean, Francisco Liriano, Johann Santana, Boof Bonser are one group. Brad Radke and Scott Baker are the other group.

Baker also pitched 5 innings, struck out about 8, and left with a healthy lead. But again, the Twins bats went apeshit. Scored 6 runs in the first inning, and drove out the starting pitcher Hendrickson before he retired a single batter. He's 1-10 for his career, and he's been getting lit up a lot, so maybe Scott Baker pitched well, or maybe, the Brewers just have some sucky starting pitching. Twins scored 16 runs in this one. Baker struck out 8.

Next up: Boof Bonser! Boof Bonser! Boof Bonser!

Special shout-out to friend (and invited contributor to I Dislike Your Favorite Team) Dave who predicted early in the day on Saturday that the Brewers would win the series. Eat it, Dave!

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