Monday, May 15, 2006

Australia's Headline Writers Gunning for a Raise

Ah, Thank you, unknown Aussie headline writer.

Thoughts of a nation rest on one man's groin
(link here)

Once I shrugged off my disappointment that the article wasn't about my cult following in Djibouti, it is a worthwhile read. The headline is really just the beginning. Australians have a lovely way with the English language, when they bother to try (yeah--that take Australia! stupid continent)

It focuses on the near constant worry about Harry Kewell's condition, who apparently hurt his groin in the FA Cup. The remarkable thing about that is that he made it into any sort of final. He's usually hurt before then. (Though I do believe he briefly played in the Champion's League Final last year before getting so, so predictably hurt).

Unrelated to Kewell, but still from the article, and just an awesome quote:
An element of geopolitical tension underscores the drama. Australia is still a minnow among soccer nations and little known or understood. When Everton's Australian midfielder, Tim Cahill, hurt himself two weeks ago, imperilling his World Cup ambitions, Everton manager David Moyes said he would not leave judgements about Cahill in the hands of "Australian witch doctors".

Ah, go read it. Giggle at the headline, and then learn about Kewell's fleshy strips.

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