Sunday, May 07, 2006

Real Football Roundup

Wow. Nistelroy Gone from Old Trafford

I guess it shouldn't be a shock. Saha and Rooney are a dynamic duo, and Ruud has been more of a target guy. He can score with his back to the goal with guys draped all over him, but he isn't going to outrace anybody, and he isn't going to run at defenses with the ball in a way that would scare anybody. He has a tendency to go down like bag of wet shit, as well.

Whatever Man U needs to compete with Chelsea, Ruud wasn't the answer. I'm not so sure Sir Alex is the answer, either. Not a slight on Fergie, necessarily. But one has to recognize that Chelsea's team could beat several of the World Cup qualifying teams. They are true all-world talent, and they acquire great players to sit on the bench, just so other teams can't have them. And they acquired some of those folks early. Getting Arjen Robben before the 2004 Euro Cup? Brilliant. Man U needs to stop following the NY Yankee model of acquiring guys after one great season, or old wizened folks, and start developing their own talent, and finding young players again. I wouldn't be surprised if Man U takes a risk with a young American player, which will do wonders for their cross-promoting with the hated Yankees. Any player besides Landon Donovan who excels in the World Cup, you can expect them to be wearing Red Devil kits in 2007. Beasley? Sure. Keller? Why not?

Apparently, there is no truth to the rumor that Roman is busy mixing genes collected from the world's best retired and dead players to make a Pitch-Worthy Serpentor. Still, someone dug up Eusebio's Grave. Hmmm. Or possibly I made that up.

Where Will Hnery End Up? Wenger Hopefull, but possibly full of shite

Arsene seems to be (willfully?) overlooking the fact that Barca has also qualified for next years Champion's League.

Arsenal, without Henry, can design new kits. I recommend the following:

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