Friday, May 19, 2006

Fresh Meat

Liriano, Baker and Bonser Oh my!
I think these three guys put together are still younger than Jose Lima.

The Twins starters for this weekend's series with the Brewers have a combined 20 major league starts between the 3 of them. When did this turn into a rebuilding year? I guess maybe after they lost the last 2 games in the 4 game series against the White Sox and got swept again in Detroit. My colleague has just introduced you to Boof Bonser, who has zero major league starts. He will be joined by Francisco Liriano, a real phenomenon and ace in the making but still young and a bit wild, and by Scott Baker who has 16 of the 20 overall starts with very mixed results coming out of those starts.

It is considerably frustrating to see the Twins pitching, which was the best thing going for them over the last 5-6 seasons, have the troubles that they have had. Kyle Lohse has now been given enough opportunity to prove himself as a competent starter, which as it turns out, he is not. He has fine stuff, but the mental game of a junior high schooler. I am not sure what happened to Carlos Silva, other than all of his stuff is being thrown considerably higher in the strike zone than last season. There is nothing like being offered a change up at belt level with guys on. He used to throw that pitch at the shins and force a guy to hit into a double-play, now he gives hitters pitches to crush as doubles. So, I am happy to see Gardy finally reach his limit with these underperformers and attempt to try out some of the youthful talent he has at his disposal. Let's see what these kids can do and hope that their desire to make a name for themselves will translate into aggressive, win producing pitching.

With improved pitching, Gardy need only to stop the Twins from having multi-error games (an unheard of idea previously) and get his guys to produce hits with runners in scoring position, then maybe they could climb back, again, into the AL Central race.

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