Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ronaldo, Um Toro Vermelho?

Rumors persist that Ronaldo, the bull of a Brazilian striker, will sign a deal to play with the NY Red Bulls of the MLS following the completion of another Brazilian championship in the World Cup. These rumors are startling to me because Ronaldo has more talent in his right little toe than your average MLS striker has period. He is a bit advanced in age, but he should quickly show his supreme talents if he were to come play in the MLS. Taking a page out of Pele’s book, he will display his wares in the biggest sports market in the United States, even if it is for the MLS. It could do wonders for the league and soccer in general in the U.S. if he were to sign. What type of contract will get him to drop out of the lucrative leagues of Europe? I imagine he will be handsomely rewarded, not to mention he will be in NY. I say felicidades and welcome seu filho da puta. Bota P’ra Cordel!!!

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Big Blue Monkey said...

The MLS might have to change their rules to allow such a high-profile, expensive player in. Remember, the MLS is a fully-owned entity. There are very strict rules about how much each team is allowed to spend, how many foreign players they are allowed to have, etc. This was done in the beginning to protect the league from profilgate spenders, and also a nod to the reality that they would have the same owner for multiple teams, at least in the beginning. Still, lots of European and South American ballers like the idea of living in the States, and if they can get paid decently, before their talents have totally faded, it would be awesome. Beckham has also waxed poetically about playing in the MLS. I'd say both are still a year or two away from bringing their talents stateside.