Saturday, May 13, 2006

BCQ: NFC Central

Chicago Bears: Wow, who are these guys? They look familiar, but I don't know their names. Putting character actors in the lead roles of an action movie is a sketchy proposition. Could be painful/funny to watch, like Police Academy 5 stars.

Detroit Lions: And Matt Millen has selected as his leading man: Abe Vigoda. 1 star.

Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre is an action movie anomaly. We never see the old cop being the one who breaks the rules, who has a reckless streak, unless we are reading James Ellroy. While L.A. Confidential isn't a typical "buddy cop movie", Favre makes us think of some combination of Vincennes and Bud, a tired, cynical cop who breaks rules when it makes sense. He loves the idea of being a cop, more than the actual work. Ahman Green doesn't really figure in--I gues he could be the Guy Pearce role, Ed Exley. Perfectionist who is screwing up. I'd want to find a way to squeeze in Najeh Davenport, but I don't remember their being anyone in that movie who poops in basket. But it sounds like an Ellroy thing. Infinitely watchable. 8 stars.

Minnesota Vikings: Well, Brad Johnson is definitely too old for this shit. It's a shame Onterrio Smith couldn't stay on the team, because that would be an all star buddy cop movie right there. As it is, this seems like an ensemble piece. Mewelde Moore could be the young black cop who gets killed by bad guy, while Brad kneels over his body and screams "Mendoza!" Chester Taylor could be the guy whose happy he transferred out of the shit station he was in before, eager to prove himself. But Brad would know that this job is more dangerous than young Chester realizes, and try to protect him. And in the process, maybe, just maybe, fall in love. Romantic buddy cop movies don't work, though. 4 stars.

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