Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fresh Meat Update

Over the past two days, Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser have gone 2-0.

Sure, it was against the rather unimpressive Seattle Mariners. But still, two rookie pitchers, Liriano going for his second win, Bonser for his first (he should have been going for his second as well, but his relievers let him down.)

Boof was sketchy as first, giving up some runs early, before settling down. But still, when he left the game after the 5th inning, the Twins had the lead, and then they added to it, with former starter Carlos Silva pitching well, and then Jesse Crain came in, and tried to piss it away, loading the bases.

The Twinkies brought in Juan Rincon, and I was listening to this game on the radio with Miwacar, and he can back up that I predicted a triple play.

Then there was that triple play, which came in the eighth inning after Jesse Crain had loaded the bases with nobody out. Gardenhire called for Juan Rincon, who got the triple play with one pitch, with second baseman Luis Castillo grabbing a grounder, tagging the runner, throwing to Justin Morneau for the second out and him throwing to Tony Batista to catch the runner straying off third.

I think by predicting it, I somehow influenced the play. It's chaos theory, people.

Bonser gets his first win.

And last night, from what I've heard, Liriano was dominant during his time on the mound.

The 22-year-old Liriano (3-0) pitched five scoreless innings, striking out six and allowing four hits against the Mariners' beleaguered offense.

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