Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man

Man, the World Cup Website just friggin rocks.

I was puttering around in there, and hit a page that just rather casually mentions that the site has a fucking pantload of free streaming video from every World Cup ever televised. Best goals ever, classic players, and the like.

I've watched the first couple of the goals on the Greatest Goals section, and I highly recommend it. Us youngsters may not remember Garrincha, but he was a bad little man. And I am old enough to remember the hated Lothar Matteus, the German John Elway, punch one in from 20 yards out, after somehow evading a cleats high fast challenge. Beautiful stuff.


mcSey said...

Sweet, plus you got linked from Deadspin. Cool digg.

Hornswaggled Education said...

Got here from the deadspin post too. Very cool, I need to brush up on my soccer history and this sounds like the place. Im excited, thanks man.