Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Next Great Twins Lefthander

It is possible, if you aren't a big time MLB stat geek, or a Twins fan, or player of MLB 2006: The Show, that you have never heard of Francisco Liriano.

Time to recognize, fools. Liriano has been quietly racking up some pretty audacious stats this season, and the past couple of weeks in particular.

He first started getting compared to Johann Santana last year, for the following reasons:

1. They are both left-handed
2. The name Francisco Liriano is only slightly less cool than the uber-cool name Johann Santana. 3. They both work very heaty fastballs, have killer off-speed, and one other pitch. Liriano's curve is the talk of the Twin's organization.

Get Edumacated.

First of all, let's see what has to say (which isn't a marketing tool of the huge billionaire bloated Major League Empire. It's a legit reporting source. Really!)

Francisco Liriano, Minnesota: Liriano is only 22 years old
and looks like an ace in the making. He's a lefty who routinely brings his
fastball to the plate in the mid-90s -- though his heater has been clocked as
high as 98 mph -- to go with a very good changeup (84-86 mph) and improving

Then, his most recent outings: 3 Scoreless innings against the Rangers on May 9th.

And then, finally, tonight, he was absolutely lights out.

Francisco Liriano struck out four in 2 1-3 innings of scoreless relief for Minnesota.

So, if you are in a fantasy baseball league, and you need some help at RP (and maybe SP) Liriano may be available. Grab him, grab him now. Put up with the growing pains, and you'll reap the rewards (especially if you are in a keeper league).

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