Friday, May 12, 2006

I Didn't Even Know There Was A Group B

Let's see, I think the two teams that will make it out of Group B are the Cowboys and the Cardinals. I mean Denny Green must be pinching himself endlessly in an attempt to fully understand how lucky he and his organization are to have that dream boat Leinart on the team. Denny is dying to meet Paris Hilton and now is so much closer to realizing that dream (he has a thing for skanky, skinny white chicks with fat pocket books).

For reals, I feel that England even sanz Rooney will come out of the group. Even though my gut tells me that the squad is about to implode and funk it all up, just so the Brits have something else to bitch about. I feel my esteemed colleague's send up of T&T is right on, and that Paraguay is somewhat of an unknown quantity, which leaves us with the best team in the group Sverge! Honestly, compare that white trash hotty the Brits have to the underwear model hunk that the Swedes have and you'll see where I am coming from. Sweden is clearly the best side in the group and will prove by coming out on top of the group. I must admit that my ancestral ties to the land of Sven have absolutely nothing to do with this prediction, rather it is finely calculated reasoning of the most informed kind. Sverge, Sverge!

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