Monday, May 29, 2006

Hooray For Pot Smoking Introverts who Hate Football

If you are good enough, you can still play football!

Suspended for the 2006 season by the NFL after a fourth positive drug test, Williams signed a $240,000, one-year contract Sunday with the Toronto Argonauts -- a deal making him the highest-paid running back in the Canadian league.

I know this is a pay cut for Ricky, and I really do wish him well, even though he completely fucked my Fantasy League with his good production and subsequent one-year ban. If I had known Ronnie Brown was going to be flying solo this year, I don't think I would have traded him. Dammit! All the same, I work for a nonprofit in the realm of techy nerdiness.

They don't drug test, but if they did, and I failed it (I wouldn't by the way), I don't think I could drive up to Canada and get a quarter of a million dollars. It is certainly small change, but Ricky is awfully damaged goods.

Let's hope he gets his act together, and by that I mean that he decides which he rather do--get high and watch 2001, or play football. I think the former may very well be the healthier option. I'm rooting for him. He's always been an interesting character, but American professional sports are so conservative that he's been considered crazy crazy out there, and really, he just reminds me of my buddies in college. Am I crazy because I like not getting hit really hard when I could be having a beer and playing PlayStation? I don't think so. Is smoking pot really, really out there? Because if it is, the NBA should be a lot nuttier than it is.

I've never been photographed in a wedding dress, but I'll never say never, either. Trusting Mike Ditka? Well, that is a bit crazy. Can't justify that one.

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