Thursday, May 25, 2006

Royals Finding New, Exciting Ways to Lose

The folks at Deadspin have been getting to the point where they feel genuine sympathy for the KC Royals, and have chronicled their rising concern that this team is too bad to make fun of.

And the heavens opened up, and God smiled on them, and said, "I, in my infinite grace and wisdom, have seen fit to bestow you with a 6 run lead against the over-achieving Detroit Tigers."

But, unbeknownst to God (he's not infallible, you know), the Devil said, I think I'll make Vance Wilson step on a ball, so Pudge has to play.

And the rest is history. Devil wins, Devil wins, Devil wins!

Rodriguez drove in five runs in the final two innings and Detroit rallied from a six-run deficit to beat Kansas City 13-8 Thursday, handing the Royals their 13th straight loss.

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