Saturday, May 06, 2006

How to tell that Brazil is better than the US in Soccer

Well, Bruce Arena (the best American soccer coach ever (not a difficult title to win. Steve Sampson notwithstanding) ) has announced his starting 23, and their were a couple of surprises, but nothing world-ending. So, Brian Ching is in over Taylor Twellman. Who cares, yeah?

The real news is that the Brasilians starting 11 does not include Robinho. Possibly the most creative player in the world under the age of 22. Robinho gets bench (presumably he's the 12th man) in favor of Adriano, because Adriano could get hit by a car, and still get up and score.

Robinho is a skilled, if slight midfield attacker. He's basically a souped up version of DeMarcus Beasley. And he's on the fucking bench. I doubt he'll stay there. He'll sub out Adriano, or possibly Kaka (though I don't seem Kaka coming out much--he's too good of a playmaker).

But this sums up the difference. In America, Beasley is one of the top 5 players for his country, easy. Top 3, if you throw out Goalkeepers. In Brazil, Robinho isn't one of their top 5 midfielders. That's how sick and deep they are.

And it's why I dislike Brazil. Starting Adriano feels like showing off to me. Brazil is basically saying, "We have this incredibly talented kid, that any other country would kill to have on their roster, and instead, we're going to keep him on the bench and start this kind of fat guy. And we'll still beat you."

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