Tuesday, May 23, 2006

National Geographic: Not Just for Boobies

via the Washington Post's World to the World Cup Blog, comes the news that this month's National Geographic is all about Soccer, which is nice. National Geographic, being one of those nice institutions, has put a pretty decent amount of the content online, including a little something by Nick Hornby. Some folks may know Hornby mainly as a guy who writes books about guys who dig music and chicks, and who was indirectly responsble for having John Cusack, out in the rain, yet again.

But he wrote of the definitive pieces of fan-memoir literature in Fever Pitch, and then presumably stood by while Jimmy Fallon took his baby, sodomized it and ate it. This is one of those instances where you can absolutely not judge a book by the movie it "inspired." The point is, the guy knows his soccer (or "football" in Bizarro America, aka The Rest of the World) and happens to you know, write pretty well.

Here is the link, go and read it and stuff.

When you are done there, poke around the main feature page, and just see what grabs you. There's a lot there. And then, when you're done suckling at the teat of welfare media, how's about you actually buy something? Fever Pitch!

update. I should have known better than to dismiss National Georgraphic's ability to get in a booby shot.

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robustyoungsoul said...

In fairness, Hornby was the executive producer of the American version with Fallon.