Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yes, Barnyard, There Was a Dani

Barnyard and I almost thought we dreamt of Dani. Pretty boy, fluid on the ball, with a wicked shot, who dominated a Champions League. He would stroll onto the pitch for Ajax, in the 75th minute, and then just put away a backbreaking, spectacular goal. And then he disappeared. Barnyard and I were half convinced that we had imagined the guy. And then we learned that he got into cocaine and women. Understandable. So did the 1980 NY Mets. So did Paul Gascoigne. Was Dani as good as we thought?

For Barnyard, I present a finish from Dani that we remember, back in the 1996-97 seaason. For lbutler, more soccer. But check these names! Dani wasn't the only one to rock the mid 90's Champions Cup, never to be heard from again.

Just so you know, you are about see some really fucking good goals. But it is Dani's goal for Ajax that holds special import for me and Barnyard. LButler won't complain about this collection of goals I'm sure, (even with the shitty Euro background music.)


lbutler36 said...

The Riedle goal was my personal favorite

lbutler36 said...

Also cool note: the final goal of that clip - Ricken's - came 16 seconds after he was subbed into the final game

Barnyard said...

That's the goal, man. Jesus that kid was pretty.

The Fan's Attic said...

Shameless plug: I'll be liveblogging the Liverpool-Barcelona champions league match on Tuesday at my blog. I'll also liveblog one of the matches on Wednesday based on majority opinion in the comments.

/shameless plug