Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tournament Pool = No Bread

Having finally now watched enough college basketball games to know the teams in the tournament, I wish it were possible to redress my bracket picks. Tonight, I fell from a decent 7 spot all the way down to be with the 'tards at the back of the shortbus. Very sad indeed.

The rubber eraser was invented in 1770 by Edward Naime. Before then, pencil mistakes were erased with bread. I shit you not.

I would please like one grande baguette to fix my wayward bracket. Merci.


Muumuuman said...

I too would like some bread and some real lead pencils. My bracket has been deeply wounded by the Feral Steve Nash's abilty to thwart angry turtles but get swallowed whole by the mighty gator. Now the Gators face the... Ducks? Uh-uh Ducks. I hope they are Viking ducks, kvack kvack. Que horrible.

Badcock said...

I can tell you a couple things about Viking ducks, having lived in Iceland.

They swim around in little lakes called Tjoerns (that's an umlaut over the o but I don't know how to do it in html). They kvack and poop like regular ducks. But when they see a monster as ugly as Joachim Noah's face, they get vicious. Very much a Beowulf vs. Grindel situation, not to mix literatures.

I have Florida picked to win, obviously, but if you aren't rooting against them you don't love sports.

What this is all really about is the fact that I really, really want a statue of Jesus playing basketball with two children who are sure to be molested as soon as Jesus drives them in his van to the "ice cream parlor" after the game.

My name is Badcock, and I approve this message.